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Sourced from the best cultivars, Gazon Richer is the best choice for making the most of your living space. Cultivated in Quebec eco-responsibly, our sod is a guarantee of freshness and quality.

To order our sod online, choose the product that best meets your needs among our extensive Vert à Vie™product line below.

Popular variety

Gazon devant maison avec ombre


Varieties for specific needs



Gazon devant grosse maison luxueuse, gazon bien entretenu et coupé court


Cour arrière d'une maison avec de la tourbe de gazon Éco Trèfle


Gazon à l'ombre devant une maison au look champêtre, tourbe installée dans un endroit avec beaucoup d'arbres


Homme couché, relaxant dans un champ de gazon biologique, biodiversifié avec trèfles et fleurs. Bois et ciel bleu




Gazon devant maison avec 3 garages, section de gazon long dans un fossé, fétuques longues, section de gazon coupé court


Gazon devant bâtiment municipal dans un parc, gazon nécessitant un faible entretien, moins d'eau et moins d'engrais

Low Maintenance



Gazon devant une école, variété piétonnier

Foot Traffic

Varieties of fertilizer

Natural Rooting Grass Fertilizer

Maintenance Grass Fertilizer

Online purchase of sod and grass

When planning the purchase of sod for your residential, commercial or recreational property, there are a number of criteria to consider. Of course, you are looking for high quality turf, but you still need to get the sod best suited for the intended use! The specialists from Groupe Richer, the largest producer of sod rolls in Quebec, are in the best position to help you find your way through the different varieties of turf on the market! Visit one of our branch offices or sod farms in the Greater Montreal area, the Eastern Townships, the Mauricie region or the Laurentians, among others, to find out more! We deliver everywhere across Quebec!

Why opt for rolled sod?

Purchasing rolls of turf allows you to enjoy a mature, high quality lawn sooner and is a great alternative to seeding. Whether it is for landscaping, covering a playground or any other project, Groupe Richer will provide you with the right product for the type of land and its intended use.

What products do you have?

We offer you an extensive line of varieties, for all needs and all budgets. Whether you are looking for organic grass—fertilized only with organic fertilizer—Kentucky “Water Saver” sod (requires less water than standard Kentucky bluegrass), Eco-Turf sod (contains fine fescues as well as Microclover and is low maintenance), grass that requires less mowing because of its slower growth or resistant sod such as the Foot Traffic and the Sports products, you will find among our varieties of cultivated sod in Quebec the one that best suits your property!

What to do before installing the sod?

You’ve just purchased some sod? Congratulations! However, your land must be ready to receive it, as the latter must be installed within hours of delivery. The ground must therefore have been ploughed and turned over and the soil quality must be optimal to ensure successful rooting of the sod and good growth for your new lawn. Following this, you will have to water the different sections at least 1 hour a day for 10 to 15 days, to allow proper establishment of the roots.

To find out more about our products and services across Quebec, including on the North Shore of Montreal, in Outaouais or in Quebec City, contact us at Groupe Richer, the landscaper’s choice!


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