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Our sod has been the benchmark in Quebec.

With over 2 billion sq. ft. of sod sold, ours is a story of a passion that’s been handed down from one generation to the next.

Vert à vie

Choose the product that best meets your needs from among our extensive Vert à Vie™ product line.

Vert à Vie™ Kentucky

Its density, purity, dark colour and consistent quality make it a sure value. Formulated from TWCA and/or A-LIST certified Kentucky bluegrass cultivars, this grass has a reduced water requirement, once well established. This variety is more drought resistant and will retain its colour longer.

Uses: commercial, residential, municipal, eco-responsible project.

Vert à Vie™ Prestige

Carefully selected by our production manager in the best areas of our fields, Prestige sod is a guarantee of superior quality Kentucky bluegrass. A cut above!

Uses: commercial, residential, municipal.

Vert à Vie™ Mow-Less

This blend of 100% Kentucky bluegrass is perfect for those who wish to reduce the amount of time and money spent on their lawn maintenance. Formulated from exclusive cultivars renown for slow and lateral growth. This variety can maintain a well groomed appearance, even if mowed only once a month.

Uses: commercial, residential, municipal and any other application where reduction in mowing frequency is required.

Vert à Vie™ Shaded

This product consists of a mix of several cultivars of fine fescues and Kentucky bluegrass selected to better tolerate partial shade. A minimum of 4 hours of sunlight per day is recommended to maintain its quality.

Uses: partial shade /commercial, residential, municipal.

Vert à Vie™ Eco-Turf

Our most ecological variety yet, thanks to its greater biodiversity. This low maintenance sod requires less water and fertilizer due to its composition of fine fescues and Microclover®. Contrary to regular clover, Microclover® mixes well with grasses because of its smaller size. Opt for our “greenest” sod!

Uses: park, LEED project, roadside, cemetery, catch basin, rest area, public place or other eco-responsible project.

Vert à Vie™ Bio

Make a more eco-responsible choice with our Gazon Richer Bio: opt for an organic variety! Entirely composed of species of grasses to maintain purity, density and quality for a conventional groomed look, it has been developed under organic management and agricultural practices that promote soil conservation and regeneration. It is fertilized exclusively using 100% certified organic fertilizers while restricting all chemical products for at least 3 years.

Uses: commercial, residential, municipal, LEED project, renaturalization of site or other eco-responsible project.

Vert à Vie™ Biodiversity

This, by far the most ecological variety has been developed under organic management and agricultural practices that promote soil conservation and regeneration. Cultivated on manure enriched soil, it is fertilized exclusively using 100% certified organic fertilizers. Composed of a multitude of species, foraging grasses, ground cover, wild flowers and other indigenous plants. Substantially increasing biodiversity, ideal for site renaturalization by improving its ecological value and by attracting a wide array of pollinating insects and animals.

Uses: park, LEED project, roadside, cemetery, rest area, public place, flowery meadow, renaturalization of site or other eco-responsible project.


Vert à Vie™ Low Maintenance

An interesting option requiring less water and fertilizer, once well established. The fine fescues in this mix may help prevent white grubs.

Uses: park, LEED project, roadside, cemetery, catch basin or other eco-responsible project.

Vert à Vie™ Fescue

For specific projects requiring 100 % fescue, a selection of the best indigenous fine fescue cultivars, adapted to our climatic conditions in Quebec. Let it grow, to obtain a naturalized landscape.

Uses: fescue project, LEED project, no mow, retention basin, naturalized site, long grass on golf course, green roof, partial shade.

Vert à Vie™ Foot Traffic

This 100% Kentucky bluegrass variety is the ideal choice for a heavy traffic area. This sod is composed of specially selected cultivars which produce aggressive rhizomes in order to resist foot traffic and to regenerate itself.

Uses: park, pedestrian area, schoolyard, public place.

Vert à Vie™ Sports

This product is ideal for playing surfaces that are used intensely. This 100% Kentucky bluegrass blend is produced in sandy soil to adapt perfectly to your sports field. Its cushiony layer makes it a safe playing field. It can tolerate a low mow due to its high density.

Uses: sports field and golf.

Among the many advantages of sod:

  • The most optimal, reliable and economical option in the long term
  • An unsurpassed final result in terms of look, quality and comfort
  • The pleasure of taking advantage of your outdoor living space as soon as the sod is laid
  • Reduction of the implantation of weeds
  • Added value for your property

Combined with the advantages of Gazon Richer

  • The best bluegrass varieties
  • Fast and efficient root development
  • Exceptional purity, density and colour
  • Guarantee of a superior quality product

*Ask your landscaping contractor about our 1-year guarantee.

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A turnkey solution, your guarantee of quality and peace of mind.

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