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Sod Installation

Description of tasks:

  • Transporting and laying down of rolls of sod.
  • Repairing of soil (raking out footprints and erasing marks made by machinery)
  • Butt sections of sod snugly against each other.
  • Trim pieces along flower beds and paved areas (picking up wasted trimmings)
  • Cleaning up the job site

Work conditions:

Depending on the weather conditions, 50 hour weeks (+/-8 hours per day, 6 days a week). Extra hours due to frequent peak season.

You will be mainly working outdoors alongside a team of professional landscapers. Top physical shape is a must, as installing sod is very physically demanding. The installers are trained to follow strict guidelines and for their security will be asked to wear: florescent vest, work boots, safety glasses, hard hat and gloves. Security is always our top priority.


Training is given « hands on », in the field under supervision of foreman or team leader. During which time you will be receiving a competitive hourly wage.

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